Monday, December 11, 2006

New Finds

I heard about this guy on NPR yesterday morning, and I'm hooked. Doesn't hurt that he used to be a Yale Whiffenpoof. I admit to falling prey to those Ivy League a capella guys once or twice in my time... although in general, I have had bad luck with Yalies. Well, one Yalie in particular. (ugh!) I think this guy isn't that good looking, though, although his music is hilariously captivating.

Jonathan Coulton

I highly recommend the songs "Code Monkey" and "Chiron Beta Prime," as well as his addictive cover of "Baby Got Back." You can get a lot of his songs free through his podcast on iTunes, but you can also stream everything free.

Speaking of falling prey, I saw the new James Bond movie Casino Royale. I am not crazy about action movies, although I will occasionally see one that looks okay just to be sweet to DH. When I first saw the pictures of Daniel Craig, I thought, "Ugh, HIM???? Bond? He is not attractive at all. And look at those ears!"

Then I saw the movie. Holy smokes. He is the hottest thing on screen that I think I have ever seen. I am usually indifferent to the attractiveness of male movie stars; sure, George Clooney is really good looking, and I was partial to Robert Sean Leonard in his Much Ado About Nothing days, but I have never seen anything like the raw sex appeal of Daniel Craig in this movie. I have seen him in a lot of other movies, but never noticed him (I did walk out of Road to Perdition, which I saw at a really bad time in my life, so I was preoccupied with other things) in particular. Oh my goodness. I would buy this movie on DVD JUST to watch him over and over again. Yes, he is that good looking.

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