Wednesday, June 15, 2005

more knitting

Finally got my KnitPicks Shine yarn. It's 60% cotton, 40% modal, and it is so soft!!! I love it. I'm making a red baby blanket out of it for DH's Chinese friend from his master's program. I'm still working on my Clapotis in the meantime, though. I won't bother posting a picture- it looks much the same as the last one, but with more dropped stitches and it's longer now. I have my Stitch 'n' Bitch group tonight, so I'll be working on it more there.

Just got finished with TAing my big residential class on Sunday night. It was a rough class. The class as a whole had a very weird vibe. Very lackadaisical, uncaring, self-satisfied as a group. You'd get individual people alone, and they would be awesome- so nice, curious, serious, but the group norms were such that these qualities were stifled. It really got to one of the professors, who actually cried after finishing one of the session b/c he was so frustrated. I have never seen a professor cry before! It was very strange.

I also had the opportunity to see my good friend who lives in Hong Kong. I haven't seen her in 3.5 years, since I went with another friend to visit her in Hong Kong. Of course my friend brought me a present. She's sweet like that. Of course, I had presents for her too (her birthday is this week) in addition to about 8 videotapes of American TV!! I tape shows that she doesn't get in Hong Kong (like the West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Alias, etc.). We went to dinner- turns out she wanted Buffalo Wings! Buffalo wings are pretty hard to come by on the west coast- at least not good ones. However, we ended up ordering takeout from Hooters! I hadn't been in a Hooters before, but she lived above a Hooters in Manhattan for a whole year, and got take away wings all the time from them. She was ridiculously excited about Hooters! It was so funny. I'll have to post pictures, maybe. (maybe on my other blog....)

In seeing my friend, I also saw DH for an 18 hour interlude in our 3 week separation due to conferences, TA jobs, my sister's wedding, etc. Sigh.

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