Tuesday, August 30, 2005


My parents aren't in the path of Katrina, thankfully, but they are in an area where a number of people lost power due to the downgraded-status Katrina sweeping through the south. They didn't lose power. Yay! There was a nasty windstorm three years ago that knocked out power in 2/3 of the households in my hometown. Including my parents, who were in the last area to get power restored. They didn't have power for three weeks. Three!! In the blazing heat of summer, right after my mom had suffered from three ministrokes. Three!! (Praise G-d, she hasn't had anything else serious since this incident) My mom needed to spend most of her time in climate-controlled air, which my sister had, since she was in the 1/3 that didn't lose power.

So I was really relieved to hear that my parents didn't lose power. I do have an aunt and uncle in Baton Rouge, though, and we haven't heard from them. My uncle is sufficiently stubborn that I'm sure they didn't evacuate.

Poor New Orleans. It's such an amazing city. I love it so much- I'm sad to see that it's suffered so much damage. My best friend who died lived there. I hope his girlfriend's parents are okay. I put in an email to one of his other friends who doesn't live there anymore but is from the area and has a ton of friends still there to see if all her folks are okay, and maybe if Lisa's (the girlfriend) parents are okay too. Everyone she knows is fine, but she isn't sure about Lisa's parents. Hopefully they're okay too.

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