Monday, August 01, 2005

High Fashion T-shirt Party

So Hanni asked me to blog about the high fashion t-shirt party that DH and I went to last week. Here's the 411!

It was thrown by a magazine called Planet Magazine at some random small art gallery. I had agonized about what to wear beforehand, because it was a fashion party, so wouldn't people be dressed all trendily? I ended up wearing clothing from the Gap, which I had thought wouldn't be trendy enough, but as it turned out, were okay. Yes, other people were wearing trendier t-shirts, but I was wearing my just-finished Clapotis scarf (I was weaving in the ends during the car ride to the city), so I think it was all good. Crafting is the new hipster thing, don't you know?

Anyway, there was a fashion show, featuring t-shirts from lines from all over the country, including Skaen , Anzevino & Florence, and Headline Shirts. I really wanted to buy a Skaen shirt with bunnies on it, but they were sold out! Alas.

The quality of t-shirts varied from line to line- I think the Skaen ones were the best ones I saw (and they were priced that way, too!). Some of them just weren't that creative or funny. There was one t-shirt that was really tempting that said:

1. bottled water
2. tooth whitener
3. friends

Ha! Too funny. And, kinda true.

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Hänni said...

Haha. Too bad about your bunny shirt. That LA one was hilarious. If I had to make a hipster t shirt for me it would say:

Hänni Shopping List
1. Evian
2. Parsnips
3. Organic cat food
4. Copy of some overly leftist novel about women's health, self help, nutrition, or how to communicate with your cat (or the dead!)
5. Pink Nike armbands (for running and sweating, but mostly for fashion)