Sunday, July 24, 2005


There was a wedding profile in the New York Times today about a couple that met through a pretty nasty car accident. It was the type of accident that was really scary, and the bride's car was pretty well smashed up (she was rear-ended, which sent her car careening into the groom's car, and then onto the median, dangerously close to oncoming traffic), but thankfully no one was hurt.

The couple decorated the tables at their reception with copies of the police report of the accident.

This is really creepy to me. It's one thing to have a cute story, but really. The accident report on the tables, as part of the decor? This seems kind of macabre to me. Even though no one was hurt in the accident.

I think that's just me and my personal biases, given my experience. But still.

On another note, I bought Joel Osteen's Your Best Life Now Journal. I have heard good things about him from friends- friends who aren't into the "name it and claim it" televangelism. I think I'll start working on it today. You're supposed to do one entry/lesson each day for seven weeks. The first lesson is to write down two dreams of yours that are so big that you haven't even dared to entertain achieving. I know one already, but I don't have a second one. Maybe that says something about me, and why this exercise might be good for me. I think I need to be more positive, honestly. I have lived life mostly preparing for the worst and managing expectations. A change might be helpful.

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