Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Less stitchin'! More bitchin'!

So I found out yesterday that I have a super crappy TA assignment for next fall. I'm TAing two sections of the same class. Each section meets once a week. Damn! I'm hoping that the professor won't make me go to both sections every week, but what I'm really hoping for is that she doesn't make me go to ANY, or only go sporadically, and uses me only for grading, which would be nice.

This is bad b/c DH also wants to TA this quarter (for the experience- he's never done it before. Meanwhile, I have TAed 7 times now? Ah, the benefits of being at a comparatively poorer state school.), which would mean being in class twice a week plus having office hours.

We just got through a rough spot of having to be separated most of the time over a period of several weeks. It sucked. I'm of the "you gotta do what you gotta do" mentality, but his mentality is more like, "Hell no!!"

I'm just not worrying about it, actually.

The other thing I'm working on is trying to put together my application for IRB approval. IRB= Internal Review Board. They're the people who review EVERY research project undertaken under the auspicies of a university. Every university has one, and they're important, because they make sure that researchers aren't doing anything dangerous/risky/etc. to the subjects, that the subjects aren't coerced into doing the research (damn! At my undergrad school, they could REQUIRE the students to participate in studies for course credit. You can do that at my school too, but you have to offer them an alternative that is of equal or lesser rigor to get that credit. You didn't have that option at my alma mater!!), etc.

But it is a really bureaucratic process. And I'm just starting it off. Wow.

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