Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricanes, again

I just can't get over the total destruction of New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast. It just makes me so sad. My brother in law's grandfather lives in Ocean Springs (right next to Biloxi), and he refused to evacuate, although the rest of the family did. My sister has been trying to track him down, with no success. She tried calling the Red Cross- they're just swamped and can't tell her anything.

I was thinking about Lisa's parents again today. They live in Metairie. I hope their house isn't destroyed. I can't imagine losing your child, then, four years later, losing your house. Probably Lisa's alma mater, which is on St. Charles Street, is flooded pretty badly, though hopefully not destroyed.

Tulane, my friend's alma mater, is closed indefinitely at this point.

In a way, I'm glad my friend wasn't here to see it. He would just be devestated at all the destruction of his beloved city. He loved New Orleans so much.

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