Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mean people

It is fun to watch mean people implode. I admit it. It is really, really fun to see people who are nasty and horrible have their nasty and horrible behavior come back to bite them in the butt. (rubs hands in glee)


Yankee T said...

I agree, but can you tell us to what you refer? I used to work for the nastiest bitch in the entire world. When I say nasty, I mean truly evil, mean, rotten, low-down and uncaring. She got hers. She got fired. Not one single person in the office felt bad. In fact, it left all of us high-fiving as her office was cleared out.

CBear said...

I only wish that this would happen more often. Mean people totally suck, and I have been on the recieving end of thier wrath way too many times.

feminaformosa said...

I post on a variety of internet boards. Most of them are full of nice people, but one in particular has a small group of "bad apples." These apples are just flat out MEAN. They're not just direct or blunt, they are MEAN. They are nasty to others. Not just to your face, but behind your back as well. There have been two scisms in the board due to their nastiness- the first time, they were able to convince most people that the accuser was crazy and psycho. The second time, they were found out, the accuser (a different one) had more proof and others backed them up with more proof, so no one wants to talk to them now, and others set up a new board where the meanies were not allowed to post.

I'm just gleeful because people finally seemed to have wised up, and no one wants to post with them anymore.

It's minor, but still fun to watch.

Yankee T said...

Life is way too short to spend talking to mean people.