Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New FO - baby booties

Finally, a new finished object! It's another pair of the baby booties from Knitting For Baby. I love this pattern. It's really easy, and you can get two pairs out of a skein of Koigu. It is so easy that it is worth doing, even if you're not sure your effort will be appreciated. I've been burned before; can you tell? However, I have also had friends who were so grateful for what I made them that I would happily knit for their children any time.

I used the new Cherry Tree Hill dyed Louet Gems yarn for this (I can't remember the colorway), and I have to say.... I like using the Koigu better. The yarn is thinner, so the booties are floppier (I stuffed them with kleenex to get them to stand up for the pictures). I think I would knit on size 2s instead of size 3s like the pattern calls for. I knit the booties in size 3s, but did the i-cord in size 2. Also, the colors are pretty, but I really just like the Koigu colorways better for baby gear. I think the Louet Gems would be great for actual socks, though.

I have enough yarn to do another pair of booties, though, so the next time someone has a little girl, they're going to be getting a pair of booties. These are for a work colleague of my husband's- his wife just had a baby a few weeks ago. I am going to use them to decorate the wrapped package of books we're giving them.

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Adrienne said...

awwwww,too cute!