Sunday, September 23, 2007

lusting after yarn

I am on the lookout for new yarn. Usually I only get yarn when I have something specific to make, but I haven't bought any in a while, and I'm kind of itching to get some. I went to a nearby LYS, and it is okay, but not awesome. Lots and lots of Cascade of all types. I had heard that this LYS carried Koigu, but no dice. Alas.

I keep checking out KnitPicks, but since I don't have any projects that I need to buy yarn to make, I can't really justify it. Also, damn, some of those KnitPicks colors are really unappealing. I have heard that Kelley (the owner) does all the colors, and she is a.... Summer? according to the Color Me Beautiful guide, so the colors are all those that appeal to Summers- greens, rusts, olives.... icky icky icky for me. Some lines are better than others, but if a line only has limited colors, there will most likely be only one or two that are appealing to me. There is usually a decent red, but other than that, not so good. Other than the colors, I love KnitPicks, though.

I live not too far from Webs now, so I am hoping to make a trip out there sometime. I don't know when- I have a decent enough stash, and it sounds like it's not worth it to make the trip out there unless you are serious about buying, so I might just stick to ordering online (although I've never ordered online from them).

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